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Tips for Preventing a Car Lockout

car lockout

Tips for Preventing Car Lockouts

Got locked outside of your car? Did you put the keys on the seat next to you and closed the door? Or perhaps you forgot them in the ignition? Don’t worry! We at Locksmith Melbourne can come right away to help you unlock your car!

Moreover, we at Locksmith Melbourne hire only the most professional technicians! Our technicians are mobile so they can open your car on the spot without harming the lock. Also, our technicians carry with them all the necessary tools and equipment to get into your car as soon as possible. 

Also, we are fully aware that standing next to your locked car without being able to unlock it can be a very upsetting situation. Therefore, If you need a locksmith urgently you can contact us and we will send you a locksmith right away. Moreover, there are many other reasons for car lockouts besides forgetting the keys inside. For example, if you lost your keys, or if the key broke in the door lock. If there is a malfunction in the vehicle’s central locking system, or even if the remote key doesn’t work properly.

Please remember that once any of these situations occurs, the best thing to do is to call a professional locksmith to help you. We highly suggest not to try unlocking the car by yourself. That is because it can cause serious damage to the lock and the door of the car, and eventually will cost you more money to fix it.

Further, there are many things you can do to prevent car lockouts in the first place. We at Locksmith Melbourne put together a small list of tips on how to prevent a car lockout.

Prevent a Car Lockout by having a Spare Sets of Car Keys

One of the most important things you can do to guarantee you won’t lock yourself outside of your car is to always have a spare key within reach. You can keep a spare set of car keys in your bag, your home, office, or even give one to a close friend or relative.

So, in case you find you’ve somehow locked yourself out of your car or have lost your car keys, you could still open the car. Even if you don’t have the keys on you, and your friend has them, you can ask him to bring them. That way, you won’t need to spend money on the locksmith service.

Keep your car key in somewhere safe and always make sure your car keys are on you

Another reason for car lockouts is because you lost your car key. This situation can happen to anyone, even the most orderly person may be distracted and drop or forget their keys somewhere. There are many ways to minimize the risk of losing your car keys. you should consider taking these actions if you know you tend to lose things.

First, we suggest you have a habit regarding your car keys. Meaning, you can have a special pouch for them or you can attach them to your belt or handbag.

Second, It is also a good idea to have your car keys in a key ring with other objects. That can help lower the chances that your keys will get lost. You should put a big object like a keychain so you can find your keys easily and not to worry you might lose them because it’s a small key. Also, you should put something that isn’t valuable because if you will lose the key, the object will be lost as well.

car lockout

Technology at Your Service

There are different gadgets available today designed to help prevent losing things such as keys. Most are some type of beepers you can set off using your phone or some other remote.

Meaning, If your keys are anywhere in the area they will be easy to find. It is also a good idea to attach a plate with your phone number to your keychain. That way, if a good person will find them he could call you and give them back to you.

In conclusion,

We at Locksmith Melbourne are available 24 hours a day in case of a car lockout situation!

We also provide other emergency services such as house lockout, lock change, new keys, and more!

Please feel free to call us at all times! We will send you the nearest tech to your location!

One of our technicians will arrive at your location within ONLY 20 minutes!

24 Hour Locksmith Melbourne

24 Hour Locksmith Melbourne - Cheap Emergency Mobile Service

Are you locked outside of your house?

In need a fast lock change?

Call now and a experienced locksmith will be in his way to you in minutes.

24 Hour Locksmith Melbourne

We in Locksmith Melbourne, want to make sure that you receive the best services you can get.

Our locksmiths can arrive under 20 minutes.

In addition, we make sure to have the best prices in the market.

24 Hour Locksmith Melbourne - Cheap Emergency Mobile Service

emergency locksmith

Our locksmiths are available 24 hours a day to make sure you will always receive help.

In addition we make sure our locksmiths are highly qualified and experienced with any service you may ask for.

Our technicians are located in a

services we provide

Our technician are qualified to help you with a wide verity of services. To make sure you always receive the service you need.

Examples of services we provide:

Mobile Locksmith melbourne

Mobile Locksmith melbourne - 24 hour locksmith melbourne

are you locked out of you car?

are you looking to change your locks?

No worries a locksmith can be on his way in no time

just call now!

Mobile Locksmith melbourne

Looking for a trust worthy locksmith can be a challenge.
Therefore we make sure to give you the best trustworthy and professional locksmith in the city. 

We give the best prices in the market.

Our locksmiths are highly qualified and are mobile therefore can arrive to any place in Melbourne just under 20 minutes.

mobile locksmith melbourne

residntial locksmtih

We offer residential services with an emergency line just for you. We know how important it s to always stay available for you because a locksmith is something you can need at any given time.
Moreover, we make sure to have a verity of services we can offer, so yo will never stay helpless.

Examples of services we provide:

  • emergency locksmith
  • lock change
  • re-key locks
  • door handle fix

automotive locksmith

Getting locked out you car can be very frustrating. Therefor we make sure to ease the situation for you.
Our locksmiths are highly qualified and they can deal with any problem due to their experience.

Examples of services we provide:

  • car lockout
  • keys locked in boot
  • Car key made
  • emergency automotive locksmith
  • ignition fix

commercial locksmith

The security of your business is highly important to your future and any business owner wants to protect it. One of the most important aspects is your data security and security in general and therefore it is important to take care of that.
It is important to make sure your security and locks or up to date and if you have locks more then 5 years you must change them. they are old and easily a target to break-in’s.

Here are a few examples of the services we provide for business’s:

  • Security up-grade
  • CCTV
  • Lock re-key

If any of the problems above concern you or you do not see you issue posted above all you need to do is call Locksmith melbourne and we will be happy to assist you with a technician or any other questions you have.

key locked In Car

key locked In Car - 24 hour mobile locksmith service 

key locked In Car – Car unlock and car key specialist available all day and night any day of the week.

Is your key locked inside your car in Melbourne and surrounding areas? For the fastest and most expert car unlock service call Melbourne Locksmith now!

Fastest Response Time in Melbourne

There you are stuck or stranded and wondering what to do? This happens often with the new type of automatic locks on cars of today. Even sometimes your pet could have stepped on the lock! This can be quite an emergency, especially in the hot weather!

Or even more distressing and urgent, your child may be locked in the car. Rest assured at Melbourne Locksmith we taking this emergency very seriously.

Here in Melbuorne Locksmith We call you right back after your initial call with an ETA and the fastest response time in Melbourne, Because we understand how stressing the situation can be.

Therefore you can be comforted in knowing that Locksmith Melbourne are on the way directly and in minutes.

 24/7 Available and Affordable Professional

With ease and swiftness, we can get any type of lock, with a variety of security measures, opened. The reason is that we hire experienced and seasoned car unlocking experts. They know what to do and how to do it properly. Opening your car in the proper manner which causes no damage!

Having 24/7 available and affordable professional car unlock service is valuable and convenient!

24/7 means that we always have an available technician to come unlock your car. Whether your stranded in a remote area or are late for work. We are right here and ready and available to help.

other sevices we provide  

  • Ignition Jammed or broken car key? We can help with these issues also. 
  • Keys locked in the car!
  • Keys lost or stolen!
  • Key jammed in the ignition!
  • Broken car key!

No worries, no problems. These mishaps can be easily resolved and a resolution is just a phone call away!

When you call with a vehicle issue or problem, we have your vehicle solution at Locksmith  Melbourne Service.

Locksmith Burwood

Call us to inquire or order immediate service and results!

03-8375 8403

Locksmith Geelong

Locksmith Geelong - 24 Hour Locksmith Emergency Service

Locksmith Geelong – are you locked outside your house and the stove is on? No Drama, we have  highly qualified and available locksmith ready to help you any time. 

just call and we will be there in a tick

Locksmith Geelong - Best Locksmith in Your Area

Knowing how stressful this sort of situations can be, we try to our best  to make the experience as esey as possible. 

For that reason, we provide the best response time and make sure we are offering the best prices on the market. 

Locksmith Burwood

Insured and bonded

Did the wind lock you out again and you kid is inside the house alone? no problem our Locksmith are highly qualified for helping you in a large verity of problems. 

Above all, we, Locksmith Melbourne, make sure our locksmiths are Insured and with licensed and try to arrive as fast as possible to fix your problem. As a result we are ready to help you in any situation. 

Residential Locksmith

Making your house safe is an extremely important thing when it comes to the security of you , your family and of course your property. Therefore, we are available 24\7 for any problem you need. 

Services we provide:

  • Lock change
  • Security upgrade
  • House lockouts
  • Emergency service
  • Re-key 
If any of the above or more are relevant to you we are here for you. Just contact us and we will be happy to assist you in making your life safer.

Automotive Locksmith

Being able to move from one place to anther has became very underestimated. Therefore when you find yourself locked out of your car or with no keys its a very unexpected delay. 

Moreover, being locked out of your car can be very stressful because a car is also a place where you might leave essentials. We have locksmiths placed in a large number of different locations making sure to always being a short distance away from you no matter where you get stuck. Locked your car in the gas station while buying something for the road? no problem just call and we will be on our way to you. 

services we provide: 

  • Car lockouts 
  • Emergency services 
  • Car key made 

Other Services We Offer

In addition to the above we also do:

  • Commercial locksmith
  • Mailbox locks
  • Gate locks
  • Filing cabinet lock fix/installation

Contact Us

Finally, none of the above applies to you? No drama, please contact us and we will be happy to answer all of your questions.

Locksmith Werribee

Locksmith Werribee – 24 Hour Mobile Lockout Service

Locksmith Werribee – Are you stranded because your key won’t turn? Stone the crows!

car lockout melbourne - Locksmith Werribee
Car Lockout Melbourne

All of our technicians at Locksmith Werribee are personable and professional and have many years experience opening just about any type of car or truck there is. We can even open semi’s!

When you call Locksmith Melbourne we guarantee to dispatch a technician immediately, and we monitor the situation until he opens your car door, to get you back in the driver’s seat as soon as possible.

Other Services We Provide:

  • Ignition Repair
  • Car Keys Made
  • Transponder Key Program
  • Broken key extraction

In addition, not only do we take care of your vehicle needs, we can help if you cannot get into your house as well! Or your bathroom, bedroom or any of your doors around the house – including the garage door!

Locked Out of The House?

Thinking about renovating your home without spending too much money?

Let our residential locksmith experts estimate your home to recommend the most appropriate solution for you.

As an alternative, you can use our convenient FREE estimate form, and a customer service representative will contact you upon completion.

Schedule an appointment today for a time that suits your schedule best.

Choosing to renovate according to the suggestions in our estimate, will entitle you to a 10% discount.

More Services We Provide:

  • Alarm system installment
  • Gate locks
  • Lock repair/replace
  • Weather stripping
  • Lock re-key
  • Sliding door locks

Since we have so many services you can feel free to call us anytime to ask if we can help you with any home or business security or upgrade not listed above.


Locksmith Epping

Auto Locksmith Melbourne
24 Hour Car Lockout Service – Helping to get you back in the driver’s seat ASAP.

Locksmith Epping

Locksmith Epping will always have a technician at the ready for you when you need one!

Call us and a professional locksmith will be at your side to open your car door.

Can’t find your house or office keys? Locked out of your car?

Open 24-Hours A Day – 7 Days A Week –

Right after you call us, we will send one of our locksmiths who is already driving on the roads so his arrival time to you will be very quick.

He will call you to confirm his E.T.A and your location.

Each client has our personal guarantee that the job will be done by one of our able locksmiths, swiftly and at a low-cost.

Some of our other 24/7 Auto Locksmith services include

  • Car lockout service
  • Car keys made
  • Ignition Repairs
  • Car Key Cutting
  • Key Extractions

All of our Technicians are all Fully Licensed, Bonded, and Insured.

Locksmith Epping Also Specializes in:

  • Lock repairs
  • Iron gate work
  • Lock changes
  • Safe installment
  • Peephole installment
  • And much more….

Residential Locksmith

Feel free to call our customer service reps with any questions, quotes, comments and service suggestions.

Secondly, we would welcome your feedback to help us keep up a high level of service for you, our customers!

Our work includes a written guarantee on all parts and labour for all of our services at Locksmith Melbourne.

Business Lockout Services Include:

  • High-security lock adjustments & installments
  • Intercom system repair & installments
  • Panic Bar installment
  • New lock installment
  • Filing cabinet / Mailbox locks
  • Lock re-key / Master re-key
  • And much, much more…..

We always strive to give you the best in customer relief and expert service.

It is for these reasons that we hire only skillful and competent locksmiths.

Our locksmiths are reachable 24 / 7 to assist you with your emergency at any hour of the day!

Only 15-20 Minute Response Time 


Locksmith South Yarra

Locksmith South Yarra – 24 Hour Locksmith Service

Locksmith South Yarra – Are you stranded in the middle of nowhere and locked out of your car?

No problem! Just call us and we will get you back in the driver’s seat before you know it!

Locksmith South Yarra








Locksmith South Yarra is proud to be able to say that you can call us at any hour of the day or night!

We make ourselves available to you 24 hours a day 7 days a week and even during the holiday seasons as well!

Locksmith South Yarra Provides:

  • Lock repair/replacement
  • Alarm system adjustment/installment
  • Car Lockout
  • House Lockout
  • Gate lock repair/installment
  • Garage door lock repair/installment
  • Sliding door repair/lock change
  • Safe installment/crack code
  • And much, much more…..

24 Hour Emergency Car Lockout Service

This is invariably a serious matter and can on occasion become quite the emergency especially in extreme weather conditions.

From time to time it happens that a pet or child gets locked inside, and we give absolute top priority to these extreme emergencies.

Our locksmiths are already on the roads in various areas of Melbourne and so can get to you pretty fast.

We can and will open your car door quickly and more importantly, without any damage to your vehicle.

House Lockout?

A house lockout can be a very unpleasant event and it can also turn into an emergency.

From a pot on the stove, to your child locked in or flooding! There a many possibilities we have run into.

We offer expert unlocking service to protect you and your property from damage so you can get back into your home quickly and efficiently.

Locksmith South Yarra can offer many solutions such as, on how to avoid this mishap from happening in the future.

Give us a call today!