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Tips for Preventing a Car Lockout

car lockout

Tips for Preventing Car Lockouts

Got locked outside of your car? Did you put the keys on the seat next to you and closed the door? Or perhaps you forgot them in the ignition? Don’t worry! We at Locksmith Melbourne can come right away to help you unlock your car!

Moreover, we at Locksmith Melbourne hire only the most professional technicians! Our technicians are mobile so they can open your car on the spot without harming the lock. Also, our technicians carry with them all the necessary tools and equipment to get into your car as soon as possible. 

Also, we are fully aware that standing next to your locked car without being able to unlock it can be a very upsetting situation. Therefore, If you need a locksmith urgently you can contact us and we will send you a locksmith right away. Moreover, there are many other reasons for car lockouts besides forgetting the keys inside. For example, if you lost your keys, or if the key broke in the door lock. If there is a malfunction in the vehicle’s central locking system, or even if the remote key doesn’t work properly.

Please remember that once any of these situations occurs, the best thing to do is to call a professional locksmith to help you. We highly suggest not to try unlocking the car by yourself. That is because it can cause serious damage to the lock and the door of the car, and eventually will cost you more money to fix it.

Further, there are many things you can do to prevent car lockouts in the first place. We at Locksmith Melbourne put together a small list of tips on how to prevent a car lockout.

Prevent a Car Lockout by having a Spare Sets of Car Keys

One of the most important things you can do to guarantee you won’t lock yourself outside of your car is to always have a spare key within reach. You can keep a spare set of car keys in your bag, your home, office, or even give one to a close friend or relative.

So, in case you find you’ve somehow locked yourself out of your car or have lost your car keys, you could still open the car. Even if you don’t have the keys on you, and your friend has them, you can ask him to bring them. That way, you won’t need to spend money on the locksmith service.

Keep your car key in somewhere safe and always make sure your car keys are on you

Another reason for car lockouts is because you lost your car key. This situation can happen to anyone, even the most orderly person may be distracted and drop or forget their keys somewhere. There are many ways to minimize the risk of losing your car keys. you should consider taking these actions if you know you tend to lose things.

First, we suggest you have a habit regarding your car keys. Meaning, you can have a special pouch for them or you can attach them to your belt or handbag.

Second, It is also a good idea to have your car keys in a key ring with other objects. That can help lower the chances that your keys will get lost. You should put a big object like a keychain so you can find your keys easily and not to worry you might lose them because it’s a small key. Also, you should put something that isn’t valuable because if you will lose the key, the object will be lost as well.

car lockout

Technology at Your Service

There are different gadgets available today designed to help prevent losing things such as keys. Most are some type of beepers you can set off using your phone or some other remote.

Meaning, If your keys are anywhere in the area they will be easy to find. It is also a good idea to attach a plate with your phone number to your keychain. That way, if a good person will find them he could call you and give them back to you.

In conclusion,

We at Locksmith Melbourne are available 24 hours a day in case of a car lockout situation!

We also provide other emergency services such as house lockout, lock change, new keys, and more!

Please feel free to call us at all times! We will send you the nearest tech to your location!

One of our technicians will arrive at your location within ONLY 20 minutes!

Lock Picking

Lock picking

Lock Picking - 24 Hour Locksmith service Melbourne

Need a professional locksmith to help enter your home?

Our technicians can help you in case you simply forgot the keys inside or even if the key isn’t turning inside the lock!

Don’t worry! We at Locksmith Melbourne can you help you pick any kind of lock! We are available 24 Hours a day!

Lock picking

Short Introduction to Lock Picking

Lock picking is a non-destructive way to open a lock without needing to use the original key. Our technicians have many experience in the field. So, they are able to pick any kind of lock even if you don’t have the original key to your lock. We hire only the most professional technicians so, in case of need, they can come right away and help you open your house.

Further, we know that the biggest question and concern for most people is if picking it will cause damage to the lock. We at Locksmith Melbourne guarantee you have nothing to worry about!  Our technicians can open your door smoothly without harming your lock!

In addition, lock picking can be done in many different ways, but in the end, all of them achieve the same result—unlock your door. Do you ask yourself how the technician does that? Well, he will basically mimic your key by using something other than the key.

We are fully aware that there are many different types of locks. However, our locksmiths can help you pick any kind of lock! 

So, please feel free to call us at 03-8376-2399 whenever you get locked outside! Our technicians are available to come and assist you at all times!

Furthermore, we provide many other services such as:

  • Car Lockouts
  • House Lockouts
  • Office Lockout
  • Install a new security system
  • Lock Change/ New Installation + 2 FREE keys
  • Lock Rekey
  • Mailbox and cabinet services
  • New Car key
  • Ignition Problems
  • Car Lock Change
  • And More!

How to book our Locksmith Service?

In order to book our professional locksmith service, you can call us at 03-8376-2399 or email us at

We are available 24 Hours a day to take your call and send you a technician to your location.

We know that in most cases, the person who is calling needs a locksmith urgently. Therefore, our technicians are spread all around Melbourne!. So, in case of need, the technician will arrive within only 20 minutes!

Also, when you’re calling us, please provide us with the lock problem you’re struggling with so we could send you the best technician for your problem. Whether it’s to unlock a house or a car or even do a lock change!

In addition, if you wish to open the car or make a new car key, we will also ask for the making model of the car and the year.

Further, we will ask you your exact address so we can send you the nearest technician to your location. Further, you need to provide us an available phone number, in case the technician will need to reach you.

However, we are aware that in many cases, you can’t reach your phone for many reasons. Whether it’s because you’re locked outside and the phone is not with you or because the battery is dead. Therefore, we suggest you ask someone on the street or a nearby shop to use their phone. Please remember to stay available in the phone number you provided us so we can contact you in case of need.

Finally, the last step, after we end our call, is to wait for the technician to arrive. He will arrive within ONLY 20 minutes and will fix your problem on the spot!

TIPS for choosing the best Locksmith service


TIPS for choosing the best Locksmith service

Need a professional locksmith service to open your house or perhaps to replace your lock? we are here tp help you choose the best locksmith company!

We are fully aware that most professional Locksmith companies can help with any kind of lock problem. Whether you simply need help with getting into your house or car or replace your lock.However, the main question and the biggest concern for all people who find themselves in need of a locksmith is – How to choose the best one.

Further, there are many factors that can influence your choice. Therefore, we at Locksmith Melbourne wrote several TIPS so you could know how to choose the best locksmith service for your problem:


Choose the Locksmith company with the cheapest prices!

We know that for many people the main concern is how much does a professional locksmith service cost. Therefore, we suggest you call different companies and ask them for their prices. We know that for many people ordering a locksmith service isn’t something cheap. 

We, at Locksmith Melbourne, are offering the cheapest prices in the area! Only $45 for the service call! We are aware that COVID19 is still affecting everyone’s life. So, our locksmith service remains cheap and affordable for everyone. Please feel free to contact us at all times at the number 03-8376-2399.


One more important thing you should check is whether the locksmith company is insured and bonded. Moreover, you should make sure that the locksmith service you choose offers a guarantee on all the parts!

We at Locksmith Melbourne guarantee you will get the best service. Also, all of our locksmiths are insured and licensed. 

We choose our locksmiths very carefully and make sure they are very patient and kind. They will always do their best to help you out and provide you with the best price in the market! All of our technicians work around the clock 24/7.

Availability - Choose Only the compnay with the fastest response time!

When you order a locksmith service, another important thing that you must check is their availability to send someone right away. In most cases, the customer needs a locksmith urgently, whether it’s to open a house or a car. Therefore please remember to ask, when calling a locksmith service, when the technician will arrive at your location. 

We, at Locksmith Melbourne, provide the fastest response time! We will arrive at your location within only 20 minutes and we will fix your problem on spot. Moreover, in case you don’t need the service right away, we can book an appointment for you for another time you’d like.

Try Local service instead of National Call Centres

We highly recommend you to order a local professional locksmith service and instead of using a national call center. That is because a national call center will send the job to anyone in the area. Meaning, you can’t possibly know when the technician will arrive at your location.

Furthermore, a national locksmith service usually doesn’t do full checks on their technicians. So, they can send you an unprofessional locksmith that won’t do a good job. Also, they will often charge far more than your local locksmith will.

Our locksmith company provides only local services! Meaning, we will send you the most professional technician to your location and he will arrive right away!

In conclusion, 

Please remember it is very important to check all those details.

That way you can rest assure that you choose the best locksmith company.

Feel free to call us at all times and ask any question that worries you!

We are available 24 Hours a day for all kinds of emergencies!

Our Locksmith Service keeps you safe during COVID19

keep you safe

Locksmith Melbourne keep you safe during COVID19

We are very aware that the reality today is very different from what we used to know. That is because COVID19 is still continuing to spread and affecting our lives. As a result, many people prefer not to order a locksmith service to their homes. It is very understandable why people will prefer trying to fix the problem by themselves. Most of them are scared to get infected so they don’t want to take a risk by letting a stranger come inside their house. Although our technicians meet with a few people in a day, we can promise you – they always make sure to stay protected and safe.

Moreover, we highly recommend you to order a professional locksmith to help you, instead of trying to solve the problem by yourself. That is because you can cause serious damage to the lock itself and eventually will cost you more money. Therefore, we suggest you order our locksmith service so we can help you fix the problem. Our technicians are the most professional so they will fix your problem on the spot!

Furthermore, we at Locksmith Melbourne are available 24 hours for any lock-related service. Although there’s an epidemic going on, we will do our best to help you out! We provide our locksmith service around the clock and all over the Melbourne Area. We provide services such as house or a car lockout, a lock change, a new car key, and more!. Moreover, during this time, all of our prices remain the same, ONLY $45  for the service call. 

We know it’s a hard time for all of us, therefore we will do our best to help you as soon as possible and we will make sure to stay affordable and available for everyone. Also, We will do our best to finish the job in the shortest time possible in order to keep you safe.

How does our Locksmith Service keep you safe?

We understand your fear and concern about letting someone into your home or even get close to you. However, we guarantee that our technicians take all the necessary actions and remain protected. They are following all the rules, in order to keep you safe during this time.

Also, we assure you that you have nothing to worry about. All of our technicians put on masks and wear gloves. Also, all of them are being checked all the time in order to make sure they don’t have any symptoms.

Be assured, our technicians put on new masks and wear new gloves throughout the entire time they’re at your house.  Also, they disinfect all of their tools and equipment right after every job. Moreover, they use alcohol and hand sanitizer after visiting every customer. 

keep you safe


Need a professional locksmith service?

Please feel free to contact us at 03-8376-2399 

We are available 24 Hours a day, all around the Melbourne area.

Locksmith Melbourne Tips on how to secure your garage door

secure your garage door

Locksmith Melbourne Tips on how to secure your garage door

Most people don’t realize that the least secure point in their house is the garage door. Actually, they’ll probably say that it’s the back door, or maybe even a window. But, your garage door is the easiest way for a burglar to break in through.

Furthermore, once you’re inside the garage, getting in the house is quite simple. All you have to do is to open the interior door (which most people keep it open), or in worst cases, you’ll have to pick the lock. However, it shouldn’t be too hard. That’s because most people use a standard residential lock (same as the one they use for a door inside of the house) that’s not strong enough to properly secure the door.

So what can you do in order to make sure your garage door is as secure as possible? We, at Locksmith Melbourne, put together our list of tips for the best wat to secure your garage door.

Nevertheless, if you find yourself in a problem with the lock or the door – contact us! Our professional technicians can help with any problem at all times! Moreover, they’re highly trained and have experience in all lock repairs or replacement, and at best prices.

secure your garage door

Tips on how to properly secure your garage door

Maintain it on a regular basis

Most people don’t think about checking the garage, unless if it’s broken and needs a repair. However, it the wrong thing to do. As a result of the big amount you use it one day, you should check it every constant period of time. That way, you can find a problem before it escalates and causes more damage.

Take all measure to prevent a break-in

The simplest action you can do to secure it is to avoid leaving the remote in the car. Almost every person who uses a garage door leaves the remote in the car because it’s more convenient. However, it’s the most dangerous thing you can do. In order to get the remote from the car, burglars don’t even need to unlock the car. They can simply crack the car window and pull it. Remember, if they have a way in the garage, they’ll have a way in your house.

Keep the garage door closed at all times

Even If you’ll only be gone for a couple of minutes, its best if you’d close it when you leave and open it again when you’ll return. By doing so, you’re preventing easy access from the burglars, and keeping your property safe and your loved ones secure. In addition, you should always keep the interior door closed as well. We understand that it can be a burden, but it’s better to have to unlock the door whenever you use it that change the lock after it got broken into.

To sum up, following those tips will help you keep your property safe and your garage door secure.

If you have any more questions or if you need our service, please contact us at all times!

Recovering after a break in

break in

Recovering after a break in

According to latest research, break in records has increased in the last year. There’s high chance you’ll be facing a break in. Whether it’ll be your house, your office, or even a storage unit – you should know be prepared. Moreover, facing a break in is a very upsetting situation. Having to go over your belonging and see what was taken, can be overwhelming.

The first thing you should do once realizing your property has been compromised, is using a locksmith service. Our technician has handled many post burglary situations, and know exactly what should be done to help. Please feel free to contact us at all times.

We at, Locksmith Melbourne offers 24/7 professional locksmith service. Moreover, our technician are mobile and can fix any kind of problem on the spot! Furthermore, our response time is ONLY 20 minutes! We understand how urgent your situation is, and wants to do everything we can to help.

break in

What to do after a break in?

Change the locks

Even if only one lock was broken, there’s still a chance that you whole security is compromised. Once the police finished their inspection, you should contact a locksmith and have your locks changed. Moreover, please avoid changing the lock on your own. If you don’t have any knowledge or experience in this, you’ll probably cause more damage.

In addition, once the locksmith is at the location, make sure he uses only the most reliable and professional lock companies. Your security is extremely important, and should be protected by the best locks you can find. Furthermore, ask the locksmith to offer you several solution that best suits your need. Make sure you’re choosing the one that’s suites your needs.

Check your security

The only good outcome from a burglary incident, is having the option to check your security. Once you find out what needs to be handle, you’re lowering the chances of having another break in. There’re few things you should consider doing to upgrade your security:

Installing a security system

Even the simplest and cheapest security system, will help to keep you safe. There’re a lot of different options you can choose from, depending on your needs and budget. For example, you can go with a system that combines cameras and alarm system. Remember, having even the cheapest one is better than not having one at all.

Use a safe

The best way to secure your valuable belongings is using a safe. There are many different type of safe, different sizes and security levels, which can fit to your exact needs. It may look like an unneeded outcome, but having it will make stealing a lot harder.

Make breaking in harder 

try making it harder for the burglar to enter. For example, maybe place a planet or an object to block the windows with an easy access underneath them. Do whatever you can in order to make break in your property as hard as possible.


Went through a break in and looking for the most professional locksmith service? Locksmith Melbourne is here to help you at all time!

Feel free to contact us 24/7 with any locksmith situation.

When it’s best to call a locksmith?

When it’s best to call a locksmith

Every now and then, we come across a situation when we need to use professional help. For example, if you’re not feeling well, you’ll see a doctor. Or, if you need to repair your phone, you’ll look for the best phone repair service. So, why not do the same with a locksmith service?

Almost every person will face a lock-related problem in his life. Whether it’ll be a lock change, a house lockout, or even a car lockout, you’ll be looking for help. So, how can you solve the problem? There’re 2 main solutions. The first is using a professional locksmith service, which can help solve any problem. The other one is trying to do it by yourself by following some sort of guide, or a DIY video. However, when it comes to your security, please consider using a locksmith service.

call a locksmith

As a result of the economic situation today (many people lost their jobs because of COVID19), we all trying to find ways to save money. That’s why, when facing a problem, almost all of us will try to fix it by ourselves. For example, some of us will try to unlock a car as they saw in movies, or in a YouTube video. However, please try to avoid it. There is a greater chance you’ll damage both the car and the lock, and make it harder and more expensive to repair.

Moreover, we understand your need to save as much money as you can, and wants to help! That’s why we at Locksmith Melbourne put together a list of examples of when it’s best to call a locksmith service.

Also, please know that Locksmith Melbourne is here to help with any problem you have at all times. We provide around the clock professional locksmith service at the best prices. In addition, we know the urgency of your problem and we’ll be there within 20 minutes.

The situation you should call a locksmith service

House Lockout/Interior door Lockout

If you can’t unlock the door, and can’t find the keys, contact a locksmith. There might be other options (Try to break in through a window or picking the lock by yourself), but please try to avoid doing them. You might be causing more damage to your property and only make it worse.

Car Lockout

Which one of us hasn’t seen a scene where the main character easily unlocking his car through a window? But, did you know it’s much harder than it seems? Trying to unlocking the car without any knowledge or experience, will almost certainly lead to additional damage.

Lock Change/ Rekey

Installing a lock is the first step to keep you and your loved ones safe. That’s why it should get done by professionals. When it comes to your safety, you should only trust the most professional service to help.

Lock repair

Whether it’s a key stuck in the lock, or if the lock isn’t turning – contact a locksmith. This kind of problem is one of the quite common and should be taken care of by a professional. More examples for a lock repair: loosen lock, can’t insert the key, the lock is stuck, etc.

Those are just the main cases when you should contact a locksmith. There’re many other cases you should use a locksmith! For example, Safe unlock or repair, mailbox lock change, garage door, ignition problems, cutting new car keys, etc.

If you have any more questions, please contact us! We’re here to help at all times – 24 hours a day!

Business Security

Business security – Locksmith Melbourne Tips On How To Protect Your Business

As a business owner, its security is one of your main concerns. Keeping it safe during night and day times is harder than you think. Moreover, you might think that its protection is to the highest of levels, without knowing how wrong you are.

Most people believe that only using a strong lock is enough. However, it’s most likely not. Moreover, leaving your business security with only a lock can attract burglars without you even notice.

So, what are the actions you can take to protect your business? We, at Locksmith Melbourne put together a small list of our tips on how to just that.

Also, please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or need our service.

Business security

Locksmith Melbourne Tips on Business Security:

Security System And Cameras

The first thing we would like to recommend is installing a professional security system. A good and reliable security system provided by a major company, can be the most important action. We understand that in some cases, you don’t want to invest this amount of money for something you won’t get a return from, but it’s a much needed outcome.

A security system has a variety of benefits. Such as: monitoring your business 24/7 using a security camera, act as a deterrent measure against burglars and thieves, calling the authorities quickly in a case of need, and much more!

In our opinion, a security system should be installed at all commercial building and businesses. 

Hiring Highly Trained Security Personal

Imagine not having to double check every person entering your business, or not suspect every random backpack that you found lying on the floor. By using a well-trained and professional security personal, you can leave all the worrying about security to someone who is train to do so.

The staff can also provide patrolling at the perimeter, check every person that enters the Business, and preform security checks and more! A professional security will understand your specific needs and we’ll do everything to fulfil them.

Business security

Using Commercial Grade Locks

The first security measure you purchase is locks. Whether if it’s a traditional lock, or a smart lock – it’s the first thing you’ll buy. Unfortunately, most people thinks that a residential lock (like the one they have at home), is strong enough for their business.

A residential lock is simply not strong enough to assure full coverage and security of your property. However, a commercial grade lock is designed to handle heavy duty use at high traffic areas. It has a long life spam as a result to its ability to handle a constant rotations and cycles.

In addition, the commercial grade locks offers a wide range of different options for your needs. Whether it’s for an emergency exit door, gates, windows, front entry door, glass doors and more – There’s a perfect solution.

If you’re not sure which commercial grade lock is the best for you, you can call us! Our commercial locksmiths are fully trained and equipped to help you choose the best locks for your business! You can contact us for any more questions.

In conclusion, there are many actions you can take to upgrade your business security. Moreover, consider using our locksmith service for help!

Locksmith Melbourne can help with any lock change, repair, install and whatever you need! We are here to help 24 hours a day.

Please feel free to contact us at any time for any more questions, or to use our services.

Safe Services

Safe Services - 24 Hour Locksmith Service

Forgot you code? Can’t open it? Did it broke down? We can help!

Locksmith Melbourne can come over 24/7 to assist you with your help. Our professional technician are always available to arrive to your location and repair the problem. Whether it’s a safe lockout or a repair- We can help!

Moreover, we keep our prices the lowest ones in the market! It’s important for us to be available for anyone who needs us.

Also, our response time is ONLY 20 minutes! We keep our technician spread all over the Melbourne area, so in a case of need we’ll send you the nearest one.

Our safe Maintenance Services:

  • Any safe lockout

  • Repair or replace all safes

  • Professional guidance

  • And more!

Safe Services

Around the clock Locksmith Service

Locksmith Melbourne offers 24 Hour locksmith service for all the Melbourne area! We understand that there is a big chance you’ll need our services after hours, and we want to help! Whether it’s a simple lockout or a safe repair – our technician are always available to help!

Furthermore, it doesn’t matter when you need us- Night or day, weekends or holidays – we’re a phone call away! There will always be someone available to take your call and assist you with your problem.

In addition, in order to keep our response time as low as possible, our technician are spread all over the Melbourne area. That way, we’ll be able to send the closest one to your location ASAP.

Locksmith Melbourne Professional Safe Locksmiths

All of our technician are licensed, bonded and fully covered. Furthermore, they all have experience in the field and are highly professional. Our main goal is assuring our customers feels safe and secure at all time. That’s why we make sure all of our technician are fully trained, professional and can help.

Also, our technician carries with them all of the tools and equipment they might need in order to properly fix your problem. That way, we assure all work will be done on the spot without any delays.

In addition, we work with the best locks companies in the market. All of our equipment is been held to the highest of standers, and been checked on a regular basis.

Want to book our service? Have any more questions about our service? Contact us!

We’re here to help at all times.

Broken Key – How to prevent it

Broken Key

Broken Key – How to prevent it

Finally got home after a long and exhausting day and broke the key in the lock? Now, not only you can’t get in and relax, you’ll need to find someone to fix it.

There are several reasons for this situation to happened, and few ways to fix it. The best solution to your problem is to call a locksmith service for help. Locksmith Melbourne is here to help 24/7! We can be in your location within 20 minutes from your call, to extract your key and repair the damage. Moreover, we can help with changing the lock on the spot if needed. Our technician carries all the tools and equipment they need to repair any problem on sight.

Furthermore, there are several ways to prevent this from happening. We put together a small list to try and help you with prevent a broken key.

Broken Key

Locksmith Melbourne tips on how to prevent a broken key situation:

Don’t force the key in:

Whether the key enter the lock smoothly or not, don’t push it inside. It’s designed to enter easily and with no use of force, so if it doesn’t fit in, it means something else is happening. Try taking it out and see if you have the right key or if you enter it properly. Using

Use the key for its original purpose:

Only use your key to lock or unlock the door. Don’t try to open a soda can with it, or cut a box open. The material the key is made from is wicker than you think. Using the key for other purposes may cause serious damage and lead to a wicked key.

Replace your key every period of time:

Keys have shorter durability than you think. That’s why, in order to keep your keys at its best shape, replace them every now and then. Moreover, there are some signs that helps you know when to replace it. For example, if you can bend the key, or you can’t insert it as easily as before – You should replace it.

In conclusion, following the tips above can help you prevent from your key to break in half.

However, if you found yourself facing this problem, contact us! Locksmith Melbourne can help you any time. We’re here for you 24 hours a days, 7 days a week.