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Lock re-key

Lock Re-Key: Affordable And Reliable Locksmith Service

Almost every person will have to change the lock at sometimes in his life. Whether you lost the keys to your property, moved into a new place, or preventing someone from getting inside – you’ll need a lock change ASAP.

Did you know that there’s another option? Not all cases has to end with a lock change – You should consider a Lock Re-key!

Our professional technicians can come over at no time to check what the best solution for your problem is – A lock change, or lock Re-key.

Lock Re-Key

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So, what is a Lock Re-key?

A lock Re-key is the simpler solution for a lock change. Most people choose this option if they want to change their lock but it’s not broken.

In order to determine if your problem can be solved with just a lock re key, our capable technician will come to you location ASAP and will inspect the locks. If it can be solved without changing the lock, they will ask for your consent and start the process immediately.

The lock re-key process is quite simple and quicker than a lock change. When doing so, the technician will change the pins inside of the lock to match a new set of keys. That way, you’ll get the same result as changing the lock but in a simpler and cheaper way.

Our Professional And Reliable Lock Re-key Technicians

Locksmith Melbourne provide 24 Hour locksmith service around the whole Melbourne area! Furthermore, our prices are the lowest ones in the market! Only $45 for the service call, with no additional off hors fees.

In addition, our technician are licensed, bonded and are fully covered. Moreover, you get a 90 days guarantee on all parts and labor.

Also, we provide the shortest response time! Only 20 minutes! We keep our technician scattered all around the area, so in a case of need we can sent the nearest one to your location.

If you have any more questions, or wish to use our service – Contact us! We will answer you at all times- 24 Hours a day.

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Locksmith Sunshine

Locksmith Sunshine - 24 Hour Cheap Locksmith Service

Almost every person will need a locksmith service at one point in his life. Whether it’s to help out with a Car or a House lockout, Business lockout or a simple lock change, you’ll search for the best service in the lowest of price!

We at, Locksmith Sunshine is here to help at all time and with the lowest prices in the market!

In addition, we keep our professionals technicians spread all over the area, so in a case of need we can send the nearest one to you ASAP. Furthermore, our response time is ONLY 20 minutes!

Locksmith Sunshine

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How You Can Get Our Locksmith Service At Locksmith Sunshine

In order to get our locksmith service you’ll need to follow a few simple steps:

Contact us

First of all, you should contact us! We are available 24 Hours a day at all time. Whether it’s the day, night, weekend or holiday – we are here to take you call and help.

You can call us at 03-8376-2399 or email us via

In addition, we are here to answer any kind of question you night have!

Provide Some Information

Once you contact us, we will ask for a quick explanation of your problem, so we could give you the best solution. Also, we will ask for the exact address and an available phone number.

We know that in some cases you can’t reach your phone. You can borrow your neighbors’ phone, restaurant or convenient store phone, and in some cases, even ask from someone to use their phone. Please remember, it’s very important that the locksmith could reach you.

Moreover, if it’s an automotive locksmith situation, we will ask for the make, model and year of the car.


Lean Back And Wait For Our Service

Wait for our technician to arrive! From the second we’ll end up our call, we will send our nearest locksmith to your location. They are available at all time and can come to your aid ASAP.

Also, feel free to ask them to help out with any additional locksmith problem that you have. They will do the job without causing any damage to your property and in the lowest prices.


Furthermore, our clients’ safety is our number one goal. That’s why we provide 90 days guarantee on all labor and parts. it’s important for us that our customer will be satisfied with the results.

Please contact us if you have any more questions or if you wish to use our services.

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We are available at all time!