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What is Lock Snapping and How to Prevent it?

lock snapping

What is Lock Snapping and How to Prevent it?

Today, many people are having to face a break-in to their property. A break-in can happen for many reasons. It can occur when you leave the house for a few hours or if you go on a vacation for sometime. As you know, a broken lock is something that needs to be fixed right away. That is because leaving your lock damaged or broken means your house isn’t safe.

Therefore, we at Locksmith Melbourne are here to help you 24 hours a day! Our technicians have many experiences so they help you fix or replace all types of locks. Moreover, many people don’t know what the meaning of lock snapping is, how to recover from it, and how to prevent it next time. Therefore, we are here to explain what it is and how you can avoid it.

A Short Introduction to a Lock Snapping

First of all, “Cylinder snapping”  is a very common method used by burglars to break into a property that has a euro cylinder lock. Second, it may come as a surprise, but lock snapping doesn’t require a specific skill. Meaning, most thieves that break into a property are simply breaking the lock with no special method.

How does Lock Snapping work?

The method of breaking the lock or snapping it involves breaking the cylinder to then manipulate the lock to open.

lock snapping

How Long does it take for the burglar to break a lock?

It can take just 5-10 seconds for a thief to snap the lock.

Also, the most important thing you need to remember is that lock snapping requires no specialist tools or knowledge. Therefore, it is very important to secure your house in the best way you can. Meaning, the best way to prevent it is by installing a high-security lock that the burglar can’t break.

How to Prevent it from happaning?

As we mentioned before, the best way to prevent lock snapping is by installing the most secure locks (For example, a smart lock with a pin code or a fingerprint).

Moreover, an anti-snap lock can also prevent burglary. This kind of lock is a euro cylinder lock that is tested and approved to SS312 diamond standard.

How a lock will protect against lock snapping:

  • The lock must be tested against lock snapping
    – SS312 Diamond-approved lock cylinders have been tested to resist this particular type of attack.
    – Changing your euro profile cylinders will protect your door, providing you with an anti-snap lock on your door.
  • Fit the lock correctly – a locksmith will also make sure the lock is fitted correctly, not fitting correctly will lead it prone to snapping.
  • There are different sizes of euro locks – Cylinders are available in various sizes, so fitting the correct size is vital.

How to recover from it?

The first thing you should do after realizing someone broke into your property is to call the police. Once the police work is done, you need to call a professional locksmith service to replace your locks right away. We highly suggest you consider installing a smart lock and even install a security system.

That way you can make sure all your family and belonging are protected.




We at Locksmith Melbourne are available 24 hours a day to come and assist you!

Our technicians are working around so they can come and replace your locks at all times!

Please feel free to call us and we will send you a technician right away !

How to prevent a break-in situation?


How to prevent a break-in situation?

Are you interested in upgrading your security system in your business or your house? Concerned that someone might break-in?  Don’t worry! We at Locksmith Melbourne can install for you all types of high-security systems on the spot!

First, as we all know, house burglary is a very upsetting situation. Therefore, many people choose to upgrade their security and even install a new security system with sensors that identify in case a person tries to break-in.

Besides, thanks to technology Innovation, today there are many types of smart locks and many options of security systems that we can choose. For instance, there are smart locks with a password, fingerprints, and even an eye-scanner. Moreover, if you want to secure your property in the best way, we highly recommend you install a sophisticated security system with an alarm and cameras.

Second, we at Locksmith Melbourne are working 24 hours a day – around the clock. So, in case someone broke into your property, we can come right to replace your locks right away. We will arrive at your location within only 20 minutes or if it’s not urgent, you can book an appointment for another time you’d like the service. In addition, our technicians have many experience in the field so they can install all kinds of security upgrades for you. 

Furthermore, if you need advice from a professional locksmith about which is the best lock or security system for you, you can always call us. We will answer any question you have and advise you what is the better option for you.

In addition, We put together a shortlist of things you can do in order to prevent a break-in to your house or your business. We highly suggest you read it very carefully and consider upgrading your security.


Install a Security System with an Alarm and cameras:

Some people might think that installing a security system in their business is a little too much. It could be because they think it’s not necessary or because it can be quite expensive. However, you should know that simply installing a lock in your business isn’t enough to keep it secured. Trust us, Installing a security system on your property or in business is the best thing you can do in order to keep it safe. A reliable system provided by a major security company can change any insecure feeling you might have regarding your business. We understand that not all business owners can afford such a system, but we promise you will not regret it!. Also, you might feel at the beginning that it wasn’t worth installing it, but trust us it’s worth it.

Moreover, there are many benefits to the use of a security system. For example, as you probably know, it’s a great deterrent for any burglars who’re looking for a place to break into. Also, installing a security system with an alarm is very important because it will alert you and your neighbors in case someone will try to break into your property. In addition, installing cameras is also a must because in case someone will break-in into your property, the cameras will catch him.

Install a Smart lock instead of a Lock with a key

We highly suggest you install a high-security lock or a smart one (with a pin code or fingerprints). That is because in most cases it deters the burglars from breaking into your property. Most burglars will choose not to deal with a smart lock, instead, they will prefer a property with a simple lock that they can break. Besides, if you have any questions about what type of lock is the best for you, please contact us. We can answer all your questions and install the lock for you.

Make sure all your Locks are working properly

One more important thing you need to do every time you leave your property is to make sure that all of the locks are fully operational and have no problem. That way, you can make sure there aren’t any problems that will eventually make it easier for the burglar to break in. 

Further, in case you did find out there is a problem with one of the locks, don’t wait to order a professional locksmith. Leaving the lock broken or damaged will increase the chances of a break-in. We at Locksmith Melbourne can help you fix your lock or change it on the spot! All of our technicians are mobile – meaning they carry with them all the necessary tools and many types of locks you can choose from.

Install a Lock in each exit

The last thing we suggest you do in order to prevent a break-in is to put a lock in each entrance and exit of the house or the business. Meaning, you should install locks on all of the windows and secure your garage door in the best way. Moreover, please make sure you install only the most secure locks.



We at Locksmith Melbourne can come right away and install all types of locks for you. Our technicians have many experiences in the field so they can help you fix all kinds of lock-related issues.

Feel free to call us whenever you need a professional locksmith! In addition, if you have a specific lock u would like to install please let us know.

TIPS for choosing the best Locksmith service


TIPS for choosing the best Locksmith service

Need a professional locksmith service to open your house or perhaps to replace your lock? we are here tp help you choose the best locksmith company!

We are fully aware that most professional Locksmith companies can help with any kind of lock problem. Whether you simply need help with getting into your house or car or replace your lock.However, the main question and the biggest concern for all people who find themselves in need of a locksmith is – How to choose the best one.

Further, there are many factors that can influence your choice. Therefore, we at Locksmith Melbourne wrote several TIPS so you could know how to choose the best locksmith service for your problem:


Choose the Locksmith company with the cheapest prices!

We know that for many people the main concern is how much does a professional locksmith service cost. Therefore, we suggest you call different companies and ask them for their prices. We know that for many people ordering a locksmith service isn’t something cheap. 

We, at Locksmith Melbourne, are offering the cheapest prices in the area! Only $45 for the service call! We are aware that COVID19 is still affecting everyone’s life. So, our locksmith service remains cheap and affordable for everyone. Please feel free to contact us at all times at the number 03-8376-2399.


One more important thing you should check is whether the locksmith company is insured and bonded. Moreover, you should make sure that the locksmith service you choose offers a guarantee on all the parts!

We at Locksmith Melbourne guarantee you will get the best service. Also, all of our locksmiths are insured and licensed. 

We choose our locksmiths very carefully and make sure they are very patient and kind. They will always do their best to help you out and provide you with the best price in the market! All of our technicians work around the clock 24/7.

Availability - Choose Only the compnay with the fastest response time!

When you order a locksmith service, another important thing that you must check is their availability to send someone right away. In most cases, the customer needs a locksmith urgently, whether it’s to open a house or a car. Therefore please remember to ask, when calling a locksmith service, when the technician will arrive at your location. 

We, at Locksmith Melbourne, provide the fastest response time! We will arrive at your location within only 20 minutes and we will fix your problem on spot. Moreover, in case you don’t need the service right away, we can book an appointment for you for another time you’d like.

Try Local service instead of National Call Centres

We highly recommend you to order a local professional locksmith service and instead of using a national call center. That is because a national call center will send the job to anyone in the area. Meaning, you can’t possibly know when the technician will arrive at your location.

Furthermore, a national locksmith service usually doesn’t do full checks on their technicians. So, they can send you an unprofessional locksmith that won’t do a good job. Also, they will often charge far more than your local locksmith will.

Our locksmith company provides only local services! Meaning, we will send you the most professional technician to your location and he will arrive right away!

In conclusion, 

Please remember it is very important to check all those details.

That way you can rest assure that you choose the best locksmith company.

Feel free to call us at all times and ask any question that worries you!

We are available 24 Hours a day for all kinds of emergencies!

Locksmith Footscray

Locksmith Footscray – 24 Hour Locksmith Service

In Need of a Lock Change?

Locksmith Footscray – We keep our service professional and fast and our prices so low, that you won’t have to look anywhere else!

Locksmith Footscray

Maybe you are locked out of your house? No problem! – It is our goal to get your doors open and assist you with this unfortunate event to smoothly transition you back to your day quickly and efficiently.

Besides our house lockout service, we provide various security solutions based on your home security needs.

Locksmith Footscray offers around the clock solutions in case of emergency, lock repair and door repair.

Locksmith Footscray Service Also Offers:

  • Window Locks
  • Alarm system installment
  • Garage / Gate locks
  • Door installations / repair
  • Safe crack/installment

In addition, not only do we take care of your residential needs, we can help if you cannot get into your car as well!

24 Hour Emergency Car Lockout Service

Call Locksmith Footscray service for expert speedy assistance 24 hours all day everyday.

We use the best equipment and working techniques, hence fast and damage-free service is a definite.

We have the newest and highest quality tools to guarantee fast and easy lock out services for any car make and model.

When you call Locksmith Melbourne we guarantee to send you a technician immediately, and we monitor the situation until he opens your car door, to get you back in the driver’s seat.

Other Auto Services We Provide:

  • Ignition Repair
  • Car Keys Made
  • Transponder Key Program
  • Car Keys Cut

With more than a decade in the business, there’s simply no locksmith situation we can’t handle.

We have the newest and highest quality tools to guarantee fast and easy lock out services for any car make and model.



Locksmith Hawthorn

Locksmith Hawthorn –  Service 24 Hours A Day!

Locksmith Hawthorn – Maybe you are researching information how to best renovate your home in the most efficient way? Or maybe you just need a new lock? You’ve come to right place.

Locksmith Hawthorn

Locksmith Hawthorn Provides the Following Services:

  • Automotive Locksmith Service
  • Commercial Locksmith Service
  • Residential Locksmith Service

24/7 Automotive Locksmith Service

Got locked out of your car? No problem! Just give us a call and one of our guys will be with you just as fast as he can.

All of our locksmiths are personable and skillful and have many years experience opening just about any type of car or truck there is. We can even open semi’s!

Therefore, when you call for service, you will receive a confirmation call from the technician with an estimated time of arrival.

  • 24 Hour Car Unlock Service
  • Transponder Key Program
  • Ignition Repairs
  • Car Key Cutting
  • Key Extractions
  • Car Keys made

 24/ 7 Commercial Locksmith Service

We understand the urgency of getting your business doors open on time for your customers or so the office can get back to running efficiently again.

We’ve got the right tools and locking solutions to get the office or storefront open so you can get on with your day.

All options are immediately available since our vans are full of the most up-to-date gear at all times.

  • Business locksmith solutions
  • Alarm system installments
  • Remote and manual keypads
  • Re-keying lock service
  • Full installation service

24/ 7 Residential Locksmith Service

Looking for a cost effective way to put face lift on your house?

Replace all the doors and especially the front door. We have many to choose from and it can all be done quickly and efficiently.

If the old locks are beyond repair, we recommend changing them. We have many different locks for varying budgets to choose from.

Our work includes a written guarantee on all parts and labour for all of our services at Locksmith Melbourne.  Contact us here to get your free home estimate.


Locksmith Port Melbourne

Locksmith Port Melbourne – 24 Hour Lockout Services

Locksmith Port Melbourne – Just finished buying a huge amount of stuff on to realize you’ve locked your keys in the car? How very frustrating! Good thing you have your phone with you!

Just call us! We’re open 24/7 and we’ll be at your side in no time at all to open your door.

Let us get you back on the road in no time.

All of our technicians at Locksmith Port Melbourne are personable and professional and have many years experience opening just about any type of car or truck there is. We know how to even open semi trucks!

Our guys have all their tools in their vans and are driving around to get to you quickly, so you are not stuck waiting too long.

When you call Locksmiths Melbourne we guarantee to dispatch a technician immediately, and we monitor the situation until he opens your car door, to get you back in the driver’s seat right away.

car lockout melbourne - Locksmith Port Melbourne
Car Lockout Melbourne

Other Auto Locksmith Services Include:

  • Repair jammed ignition
  • Key extraction service
  • Car keys made on the spot
  • Transponder key programming
  • Car key cutting

Moreover, not only do we take care of your auto needs, we can help if you cannot get into your house as well! Or your bathroom or your bedroom doors!

Did You Lose Your House Keys?

We fix, open, and change all exterior and interior doors properly without damaging your property.

We cover the entire Port Melbourne metro area so we can respond to every call anywhere, and at any hour.

All of our work includes a written guarantee on all parts and labour for all of our services at Locksmith Melbourne.

Just moved in? Let our Residential Locksmith experts estimate your new home and recommend the most appropriate selection for you.

Similarly, we offer affordable rates and take into consideration your budget needs.

Schedule an appointment today for a time that best suits your timetable. It’s free!

Lock Change

Lock Change – 24-Hour Mobile Locksmith Services


In need of a lock change? Maybe you need some new strong locks? It’s a good way to give your home a face-lift.

With Locksmith Melbourne 24 hour mobile service, you can get your home improvements right away.

To get a quote, call us today!


Lock Change

Other Services we Provide:

  • Lock repair/replacement
  • Alarm system adjustment/installment
  • Car Lockout
  • House Lockout
  • Gate lock repair/installment
  • Garage door lock repair/installment
  • Sliding door repair/lock change
  • Safe installment/crack code
  • And much, much more…..


We Work All Day & All Night Long

Locksmith Melbourne Near Me services you literally at any hour of the day. Even if you find yourself needing a locksmith at 3 am, Locksmith Melbourne will come out to you right away!

All of our locksmiths are skillful professionals ready willing and able to fix or replace whatever lock you may have trouble with.

Our teams carry an assortment of quality locks in their trucks all the time.

From your basic common house locks to advanced high-security alarm systems, we take care of full installation and make sure you know how to use it.


Just moved into a new place?

Locksmith Melbourne offers new householders a complimentary locksmith home estimate.

Our estimate makes recommendations for various levels of home security.

Learn more about the various methods and resources of protecting your loved ones against any future unlawful entries.

Choosing to improve according to our estimate, entitles you to a 10% discount with our company.

Our guys can come in and either repair your locks or change them to make sure you and your family are safe and sound.

Again, we take care of full installation and make sure you have complete competence with your new home improvements.